Melancholy Flesh Lolly

by Joseph Quinn

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Residue 05:04
I used to think you were the only one on this island now its time to reverse the lie and give back the things youve taken of mine its true she told me with her hands but ive got a hell of a plan my lips are sealed now or so it may seems i wont lie although ill try and try not to look you in the eye all love withers and dies but ive got a hell of a plan Sweet summer salts that shimmer and shine on your lips and on your thighs and in the dark right behind of your eyes all love withers and dies all love withers and dies all love withers and dies but ill Ill leave behind my Residue
Two Lost souls who are in love always waiting for the other one to be alright itll be alright lover one itll be alright said the honey one.
Jellyfish 03:10
Under june full moon i took my baby to the beach we washed our bodies down in the salty sea we saw baby seals jellyfish round our feet and later on as we sleep adrienne had a prophecy dream dont you get me dont forget me now we're back in town getting higher and higher everyday its only a matter of time before one of us is locked away theres no baby seals no jellyfish round our feet as i look at the moon i have a prophecy dream
im a little bit older than you and im a little bit wiser too i grow a little bit colder than you each time i push on through i let go i slipped inside journeyed through the cavernous colds and found a little secret something that blew my mind mother said son what happened to your beautiful eyes good friend said buddy what happened to your beautiful mind as i awoke this morning i couldnt get out of bed i just lay there thinking about something Brian Wilson had said then i received a letter tore it open right away though it said i was to blame id be forgiven anyway it read 'Joe, why dont you open your eyes, rejoin that fabulous fold, try to get better one piece at a time' i said 'no, id rather die, than rejoin that fabulous fold, it broke my heart and it damn near broke my mind'
as time goes rolling by like the river on its moonlight ride in the wink of a young girls eye you are forgiven for wanting to cry as you looking at yourself in the morning you break down , without warning youre just a mirror youre supposed to be on my side you are forgiven for wanting to cry as you wake up feeling broken all your good things have been stolen all your good feelings have been smoken dont you think its just about time to hide away when you think of all the times you lied when you were young, when you were high youre like the river all open and wide you are forgiven for wanting to cry so many songs so many lines what can i say now what can i write i just love you, thats no lie
he was an artist and lived as such he was cold and heartless reckless and unbelieving they were betrothed golden serpent ring on her finger its tail in its mouth itll never come out he wrapped her up in his cold embrace so no other man could see her face it was a secret side by side as the sun dies the moon will rise and does to them the great divide he grew cold she grew tired and in the end she died she just expired he wrapped her up in his cold embrace so no other man could see her face no music now, but heart against chest hes scared he sweats for the cold arms are now around his neck they whirl him around will not be flung off he can no more escape their grasp than he could escape death and now theyre clasped around her breast but he does not shun their caress one more dance then hell drop down dead He wrapped her up in his cold embrace
Dark Orb 05:17


Recorded etc Jan/Feb 2016
all tracks written by Joe Quinn


released March 6, 2016

Joe - Everything
Oskar - Bass on a couple
Paul - Bass on a couple


all rights reserved



Joseph Quinn UK

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